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. . . in his sleep!

‘Twas Saturday when Dad sat down.
He’d been quite busy all ‘round town.
Helping folks — the sick the poor,
Ringing bells and knocking on doors.

Napping Walter | original image copyright © 2021 by the author

Minister work is never done,
Unabated, sun to sun.
Brief pauses sometimes might appear,
And that’s when dad goes shooting deer.

Other dads, they guzzle booze,
but my dad, he’ll just take a snooze,
While dreams of Bambi fill his head,
Upon his Barcalounger red.

Santa Claus who folks hold dear,
Well THAT guy sleep the whole darn year,
Both Dad and Claus deserve a rest,
These helping folk, they do their best.

So let us merry each one be,

and decorate our Christmas trees,
And leave a cookie out for Claus,
And napping preachers, Gramps, and Paws.

Merry Christmas!

My nonagenarian Great Aunt Margaret, friend-maker par excellence & occasional wearer of jaunty hats. Original image copyright © 2021, the author

A friend wrote about his buddy’s death and here’s how I responded:

“I too have been fortunate enough, John, to lead a life cast with many magnificent friends who stick around. That’s why I wince when I read your post -- for I sympathize with the pain.

My grandmother was much the same as us, my own Rock and my very best…

Brian King, writer. RIP.

Brian King, friend and fellow writer, is dead at 25. The last two and a half of those years he lived out in the open -- well, as openly as he could, the global pandemic raging all around.

I stood in as Sherpa the day we exfiltrated Brian from Alabama. The weather was dark and harrowing; a deluge of rain nearly forced us to stop.

Then suddenly, this moment, glimpse of the Sublime:

Et lux aeterna . . .

Screenshot of a partial SMS message between two friends. Q:“Hey man are you and Lisa taking Bethany off to college tomorrow?” A: “Tuesday”

My SMS response started out as prose, just me relating to my good friend as best I could, no thought of “creating” anything but conversation.

“I imagine this weekend for you must be kinda like the big pause before diving into a swimming pool or ripping off a bandaid.
I’ve never imagined myself in that role . . . …

a 3-layered cake with white cream cheese icing, dusted with chopped pecans
original image copyright © 2020, the author

as promised . . .



  • 1 stick (113g) of unsalted butter
  • ½ cup (105g) Coconut Oil, Crisco shortening or . . . if you’re feeling naughty, lard
  • 2 cups (450g) granulated sugar
  • 5 egg whites, beaten
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 2 cups (150g) all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon (4.2g) …

a black & white woodcut of an oak tree

(on the occasion of the wedding of Eddie & Carolyn, April 18th 2020)

Deep in the woods
beneath the blue sky
a great Oak tree grew in his home,
by a bend in the creek,
gently swaying all week
in the Wind, and yet sadly alone.

Underneath the same sky
lived a beautiful Vine
far away, near the sand and the sea. …

a scratch-made, 3-layer coconut and pecan cake with cream cheese icing, topped with chopped pecans

Here is the wedding cake we made yesterday for the wedding (today) of my friends Eddie Hostetler and Carolyn Dienes.

There will be only five (5) of us gathered in person, including the bride & groom, the Matron of Honor (the groom’s 88-year-old mother Hilda) and my friend Garnet who…

Eric Griggs

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