Bent Willows

Take your shoes off . . .

image of John Lawrence Burns from FindaGrave

Escape into the fictional adventures of Emma, Quentin, Larold, Eve, Reverend Thomas, Vivienne, Venture, Hezekiah, Lavinia, Cecil and many other unconventional characters inhabiting our 1863 Queer™ America.

Our story examines the lives of our characters in a world free of a lot of the baggage we associate with labels and ideas that simply did not exist way back when.

Hopefully, we’ll illustrate the truth that, deep down, people are people and we’re all a lot more alike than we are different.

Brought to you by fellow authors & e-friends James Finn, Saoirse, Chloe Cuthbert, Kay Bolden, and me.

. . . in case you’re wondering, here’s where the idea originated:

Juxtaposeur, technical analyst, process engineer, poet wordsmith, INTJ, Anansi, MBTI certified practitioner & team-builder, certifiable fabulist & Uppity Queer™

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