Lava Lamps

The colorful rise and fall of Queer™ Art, Culture & Icons

image courtesy Warisan Lighting

“I think it will always be popular. It is like the cycle of life. It grows, breaks up, falls down and then starts all over again.”

Long before Gaga there was Dada and “tea rooms’ — image of Duchamp’s “Fountain” from the Tate Modern collection.
“Yoko Ono . . . to see the apartment!” — image still from the 1995 film Jeffrey distributed by Orion Classics
If you’re into it, this guy’s probably down! — image from timalderman
I did the math . . . I was conceived about the same time Judy died. I’m pretty sure I’m the 2nd Incarnation of the Judi Lama. — Image from PBS
Here’s looking at you Saoirse and Chloe. Republishing for ducats this early work of mine. image from

Juxtaposeur, technical analyst, process engineer, poet wordsmith, INTJ, Anansi, MBTI certified practitioner & team-builder, certifiable fabulist & Uppity Queer™

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