Neither bitter — nor Necessarily Sweet

Life is not a choice between bitter vinegar tasting or sugar highs & crashes.

Eric Griggs
2 min readOct 20, 2018


Do you know the tune, “My Sugar is So Refined”?

My choice of philosophies works for me, James. I understand if they do not work for you.

HOWEVER . . . I am anything but apathetic.

So put that in your grist mill, dear Twisted Sister in Gay Crime, and CRANK IT!

There is much ground to be covered between absolutely so and certainly not.

Just yesterday I made the point that, perhaps while extolling one’s own beliefs it might be best no to poo-poo others’ — or at least pay a modicum of heed to the unwritten rules of nicety amongst friends. I’m here to remind you of that again.

I’m neither intellectually lazy, apathetic, nor ineffective because I have more choices than a sledgehammer in my toolkit for change.

I will not cry myself to sleep if you do not adopt my beliefs; but if you don’t consider that I’m coming from a place of friendly discussion and helpfulness, you devalue (to me) my effort.

I am, if nothing else, merely more granular.

I still choose to love you more than most of my luggage. Not my STM messenger bag though; I love The Judge (in desert brown) very much indeed.

to sturm und drang if you prefer or, for me instead . . .



Eric Griggs

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