Nun too Humble

toast to a benevolent servant

“Dear Sister Claire-Edith,

I am not a Catholic, but I have always thought that nuns are absolutely wonderful.

Several years ago, I took an anthropology class; we were given an assignment to attend a religious service (of a type different from our own) and to describe the place and service using anthropological terms/point-of-view.

I happened to notice an obituary in the newspaper of a nun, a sister of the Sacred Heart convent, who had died and whose funeral was to be held on Good Friday. I put on a coat & tie and arrived at the time and place appointed for this lady’s funeral.

I was met at the door by another member of the order who welcomed me and asked how I knew her late sister. I explained my reason for coming, wondering if my presence would still be acceptable. The sister was delighted, explaining to me that the late nun was very active in teaching in her earlier days and that, were she still alive, would be delighted that someone could use her funeral as an educational experience.

After the service, the sisters invited me to attend the interment in the small but tidy cemetery, separate but adjacent to the one for the monks at the Abbey (Belmont Abbey in North Carolina.) They sang a Salve Regina — one familiar from my years in college glee club. Afterwards, the sisters invited me to join them for a meal at the mother house celebrating the life of their sister.

I was so very thankful for the kindness and hospitality of all of the nuns. The funeral service was quite useful in and of itself as far as my completing the assignment, but the graveside service, singing, and fellowship meal afterwards were a treasure-trove of material for the assignment. More importantly though, the experience deepened my respect and affection for the nuns.

I know that you must have many burdens and obstacles in your daily life but it makes me very glad to see that you have managed to find a way to use Quora enrich the lives of others and I hope your own as well. I noticed that you are approaching two and a half thousand followers — proof positive that what you are doing is significant. I enjoy reading your answers and hope that you also take pleasure and comfort in writing them and in reading the ideas of others.

Half a world away from me, I see that you are very much like that nun I never met but who nonetheless managed to teach me a thing or two. ;)

Warmest Wishes from North Carolina, USA.

Eric Griggs”

Each fall, the Carolina Renaissance Festival swings into full bloom and my favorite attraction is Hey Nunny Nunny. Enjoy a bit of Nun-laughter on your celebration day:

My favorite Hey Nunnie Nunnie song:

Keep shining, Sister!

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Juxtaposeur, technical analyst, process engineer, poet wordsmith, INTJ, Anansi, MBTI certified practitioner & team-builder, certifiable fabulist & Uppity Queer™

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Eric Griggs

Juxtaposeur, technical analyst, process engineer, poet wordsmith, INTJ, Anansi, MBTI certified practitioner & team-builder, certifiable fabulist & Uppity Queer™