a black & white woodcut of an oak tree

Oak & Vine

(on the occasion of the wedding of Eddie & Carolyn, April 18th 2020)

Eric Griggs
2 min readApr 19, 2020


Deep in the woods
beneath the blue sky
a great Oak tree grew in his home,
by a bend in the creek,
gently swaying all week
in the Wind, and yet sadly alone.

Underneath the same sky
lived a beautiful Vine
far away, near the sand and the sea.
The Wind and the waves
filled her balmiest days,
and yet by herself also was she.

As acorn and seed
the two had once known
one another in earlier days.
But the Great Wind of life,
full of joys and of strife,
Left them far apart
‘neath the sun’s rays.

One day the Great Wind,
as She does now and then,
caused these plants to grow in a way,
that the distance between,
was not what it had been,
and thus brought them together to stay.

“I can still bend and sway,”
said the tree on that day,
“but here I must stay in the woods.”
“Not to worry,” said she,
“For I’ll wind ‘round you, tree,
and together we’ll stay as we should.”

And now these two plants,
are no longer alone,
together, the Oak and the Vine,
And they’ll soak up the sun,
And they’ll sway in the Wind,
as a pair ‘till the end of their time.

a black & white drawing of a flowered vine



Eric Griggs

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